responsible supply chain

Our partners around the globe make it possible for us to develop and create beautiful product. As we do not own our manufacturing facilities, we take great care in the selection of our vendors, and our process helps screen out any that don’t share our values.

Our vendors specialize in innovative technologies while meeting our quality, sustainability and capacity needs. While we work with partners around the world, we continue to maintain a manufacturing base in North America, including our first partner here in Vancouver.

We have a strong Vendor Code of Ethics program, with requirements that all partners must uphold. Our Vendor Code of Ethics outlines exactly what we stand for when it comes to manufacturing: vendors are expected to uphold legal, humane and ethical standards of production, while also caring for the environment. We maintain our standards by auditing all of our partners before starting a business relationship together, and then schedule regular follow ups and annual audits.

building relationships that last

We’re committed to building long-term manufacturing partnerships. We’re successful together when our partners implement long-term solutions and programs that elevate working conditions and care for the environment. We help our partners develop a greater understanding of social and environmental best practices, while providing training to promote continuous improvement.

We have a number of ways we stay in regular communication with our vendors. Our designers, sourcing group, and quality assurance team visit our partners regularly to bring you the best product from concept to creation. Our Sustainability team works closely with our vendors to support on training and program development. We conduct quarterly vendor performance reviews, where our partners receive an update on their overall performance including quality, delivery and sustainability.

In Vancouver, we host an annual Vendor Summit where we bring our suppliers together to share our brand values (including yoga classes and goal setting), and stay up to date on our business priorities. This provides vendors the opportunity to share best practices and challenges, and enables us to build strong relationships that last.