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As athletes and yogis, we understand that environmental health is the foundation for personal health, which is why we’re as passionate about reducing our environmental impact as we are about staying fit. Each year we measure our footprint and track the progress of our programs and initiatives, learning what’s working and what’s not. We approach our practice of sustainability like our practice of yoga: we always see room for improvement but we’re in it for the long run and know that with dedication and integrity our practice get stronger every day.

we report our annual carbon and water footprint to the Carbon Disclosure Project, a not-for-profit working to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction and sustainable water use


Water is a precious resource, one even we Vancouverites can’t take for granted. To understand the global impact of our usage, we measure our entire water footprint. Now we’re using the results to create a reduction plan.

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the majority of our products are designed to withstand five years of intended use, reducing the footprint created over the lifecycle of the product


People around the world are seeing and feeling the effects of climate change, threatening the long-term wellbeing of our global communities. We’re taking steps to measure and reduce our carbon footprint across our business.

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A huge percentage of a product’s footprint is determined by how it’s put together. We’ve joined forces with bluesign® system partners to ensure the processes and materials used to create our products meet the highest environmental standards.

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our Store Design team partners with local artists to design and create stores, using renewable and recycled materials wherever possible

of our water footprint that comes from our stores, Distribution Centres, and Store Support Centres. Our biggest impacts occur in manufacturing and guest use.


With current systems and processes, waste is an unavoidable byproduct of business. But we’re taking stock of our waste across our operations — from mill to store floor — to help guide our reductions in our biggest areas of opportunity.

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Did you know that products transported by air have a footprint of almost 100 times higher than products moved by boat? We’re working with supply chain efficiency experts to ship your favourite products with as little impact as possible.

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27 return trips to the moon, in distance travelled by air by our employees in 2012

nearly two-thirds of employees walk, bike or take transit to and from our Store Support Centre in Vancouver

the carbon footprint of a Groove Pant over its entire lifecycle is 18 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), the same weight as five gallon bucket of water