Global manufacturing is a subject that is not black and white; there are many possibilities and potential outcomes. It is also a subject that draws much passion, energy and emotion from all sides of the discussion. At lululemon, we happen to be pretty passionate about it as well.

Our values of integrity, balance and greatness are more than words — they are the foundation of our social and environmental work, and help guide us when choosing our partners. We expect our vendors to share our values and be accountable for upholding legal, humane and ethical standards of production and care for the environment. A commitment to these principles is only the beginning.

built to last

Under the leadership of our Partner Sustainability team, evaluation and selection criteria helps ensure that we are partnering with individuals and companies who share our core values and take personal responsibility and pride in their work environments. We proudly maintain a small factory base, which allows us to not only have greater visibility into the factory environments but also to work closely with each of our vendors and build relationships that last.

We started with one lululemon store in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of our hometown, Vancouver, with our first factory just a 20-minute bike ride away. We’ve now grown to over 230 stores worldwide, and approximately 80 factories in 17 countries. With our growth, we’ve formed global manufacturing partnerships that meet our needs for quality, technical capability, capacity and sustainability. And we’re still partnering with our first factory in Vancouver.

We take a collaborative approach to sourcing and are proud of the relationships we have with our factory partners. Working together, we strive to exceed expectations and excel beyond the minimum requirements that we set out. We work with our partners to understand their challenges and support their work in developing solutions. Doing so helps improve the lives of the people manufacturing our product, maintains our high level of integrity with responsible sourcing decisions, and brings us one step closer to elevating the world to greatness.